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Hello, all you people out there in the indefinite Internet Universe. If you zoom in really hard, you will see this little speck, and it’s this blog. Created to be a more personal blog than the company’s official blog at medialbloggen.wordpress.com/. Since it’s extremely easy to create a blog, I haven’t given it much more thought (yet). But as i am a pro in communications, I have thought of the target audience:

  • Friends that may be interested in what I am up to
  • Enemies that may be interedted in what I am up to
  • People who plan to visit Stockholm and wants to know what a 3rd generation “Stockholmare” has to say about the town
  • Peolpe who are interested in what goes on in Stockholm
  • People who share my interests in life
So there, my first post in my first blog. You never know, there micht be more.

Written by John Göransson

May 10, 2011 at 2:13 pm

Posted in Personal, Stockholm

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